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Search engine optimization in Ireland is no joke. With 99% of our population using Google to search for information on an everyday basis, imagine how would it feel to be positioned in front of your customers exactly at those right moments!

It is very simple at the end of the day. People search using specific queries (we call them keywords) on Google to find information about a business. Whether you are a lawyer or a plumber, people are searching for services online, all the time. When they do, they are presented with a Google page result of 10 searches, right?

We place you on top of that page. That’s how you found us and that’s how we make sure your customers or potential leads find you too.

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There’s no point ranking in Cork if all your clients are in Dublin. We make sure that we rank you at the exact locations that you are supposed to get most customers from.


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Be on the first page of Google & Bing when people search for your type of service. Nobody has time to look at the second page, right? In fact, ranking on the first page is often not enough. You have to rank on the maps and on the upper end of the first page too. We take care of it all.

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Well, we think about your satisfaction first before anything else.

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